DIY Craft: Make a Flower Crown for Your Dog

Flower Crown
DIY Craft: Make a Flower Crown for Your Dog
Create the ultimate photo op for a lasting memory that will make you smile.


From Coachella to bohemian weddings, the flower crown trend rolls on, likely because it's so darn fun and pretty. With this DIY, your dog can now get in on the action. Follow the steps below to make your dog a flower crown in just four easy steps! 


  • Floral wire  
  • Floral tape  
  • Wire cutters (scissors will do in a pinch)  
  • Flowers and greenery (real or silk, your choice—but if you're using real flowers and greenery, Google your blooms and greens first to make sure they're not poisonous to dogs!) 

How to make a flower crown in 4 easy steps

1. Unwind a length of wire and hold it around your dog's head to approximate how much wire is needed. Cut enough wire to encircle your dog's head, adding a couple inches for overlap. Form the wire into a circular shape and rest it atop your dog's head to double check the size.

2. Once you've got it right—neither too tight nor too loose—attach the overlapped ends by wrapping them together with the floral tape.

3. Choose your greens and flowers. We recommend starting with a layer of greens and leaves to form the base of your crown. Use the floral tape to wrap the stem of each piece of greenery to the wire base of your crown. Wrap the tape around the stem a few times to make sure it stays. 

4. Add your flowers! Trim each flower stem to about three inches in length then, using the floral tape, tape the stem of each flower to the crown as you did with the greenery. You can either place flowers around the whole crown or just focus on the front of the crown. Asymmetry looks nice too as does leaving some of the crown with just greenery! And voilà, a gorgeous flower crown. Now get out your camera!  




For more inspiration, check out Sophie Gamand's lovely photos of Pit Bulls bedecked in flower crowns.

Part of the artist's acclaimed photographic series "Flower Power, Pit Bulls of the Revolution," the photos are a wonderful effort to change breed stereotypes and have been featured previously in this magazine.

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