DIY Craft: Braided Dog Collar with Tassel

DIY Craft: Braided Dog Collar with Tassel
Get crafty! Make your dog a nifty braided dog collar!


⇒ 5/32-inch thick nylon rope or cotton rope
⇒ 1-inch harness ring
⇒ 2-inch spring snap hook  (harness ring and snap hook available online or at hardware stores)
⇒ Measuring tape
⇒ Scissors
⇒ Lighter or matches


Measure your dog’s neck circumference and cut three pieces of rope that are each two times the measurement of your dog’s neck plus an additional eight inches in length.

Loop your pieces of rope through the ring and pull until all pieces have an equal amount on both sides.

Start the braid, just like you would with a standard three-strand braid, but because you have six strands, always cross over two strands. Braid until you have a braid length equalling your dog’s neck measurement plus an additional inch. Make sure to measure from the top of the ring, not just the rope length, and try it on your dog to make sure the finished length is not going to be too tight or loose.

After you’ve checked the size, pull all pieces through the snap hook and tie off tightly.

Trim the ends—these will be your tassels—to whatever length you prefer. I find that three inches is a good minimum length but it depends on your preference and your dog’s size.

You will need to seal the ends of the rope. Hold the tips of the rope in a flame for no longer than two seconds at a time then roll the heated rope tip between your fingers. If you find it still looks a bit frayed, repeat until you are happy with the seal. Repeat with all six strands. Now try the new collar you just made on your BFF and await the compliments!

*If you want to get fancy, try this DIY using cotton rope. The only difference in the steps is that the cotton-rope ends need to be sealed with a bead of glue. Cotton rope can be fully dyed or dip dyed for an ombre effect, and can be any colour your heart desires!

For more collar designs and inspiration from Kristina Stephens, click here!

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