Disney Plus Debuts New Dog Series

It’s A Dog’s Life
Disney Plus Debuts New Dog Series
“It’s A Dog’s Life” showcases hard working dogs across the country


During the pandemic, many of us are spending just a bit more time than usual on the couch with our dogs. (Anyone else making their way back through series they failed to finish in 2015?) 

If you and your dog are looking for something new to binge, Disney Plus, the subscription streaming platform with movie and TV titles from Disney and more, is here to keep you and your dog entertained as long as the quarantine lasts and beyond. 

The streaming service already offers a host of dog-centric films—classics like 101 DalmatiansHomeward BoundOld Yeller (have tissues ready!), The Fox and The Hound, and of course Lady & The Tramp (both the animated classic and the live action remake) keep company with new Disney films like Togo, the story of the lead sled dog who in 1925 made the serum run to Nome, Alaska, as memorialized each year by the Iditarod. They’ve also released new original content like their series “Pick of the Litter” which follows guide-dog pups in training. 

But if you’ve already whipped through that and you’re ready for some new dog content, Disney Plus has announced they are releasing a brand canine series called  “It’s a Dog’s Life,” featuring dogs who do extraordinary jobs across the country, in honor of the 25th anniversary of A Goofy Movie.

Watch the trailer: 

“It’s a Dog’s Life” will focus on dogs that do incredible things to support humans from rescuing humans from drowning to entertaining. From service dogs to conservation canines that sniff out whale-poop to help scientists track threatened orca populations, it provides family-friendly explorations into the lives of working dogs and all the amazing things that dogs are capable of doing to help humans and support people and other animals. The series combines animation with educational video content of dogs at work showing how dogs use their amazing sense of smell, strength, intuitiveness, and intelligence to do impressive jobs, and will provide some background about how dogs do what they do, and insight into how these working dogs learn the skills needed to get the jobs done.  

Two of the stars of the new series are Kris, a Cincinnati Zoo cheetah, and companion dog Remus. Kris was the only surviving cheetah cub in a litter born last summer at the Cincinnati zoo. To support Kris’s development and socialization, the cheetah cub was paired with a dog. The cub’s chosen companion was Remus, who was rescued from the Animal Rescue Fund shelter in Cincinnati. The Cat Ambassador Trainers program that works with the zoo’s cheetah cubs ultimately decided to adopt Remus as a companion for Kris because of his personality. Starting in 1981, the Cincinnati Zoo began pairing young cheetah cubs with dogs to support their development. When looking for a companion dog, zookeepers look for dogs that are playful and outgoing. Personality is key because these dogs will be surrogate siblings for the cheetah cub.  

In a blog post, the Cincinnati Zoo explained  that the relationship between dogs and their cheetah companions are dictated by the animals. Some dogs and cheetahs stay together for a significant amount of time, while others grow apart more quickly. When the cheetahs no longer need their canine companions, the dogs get permanently adopted by staff from the Cincinnati Zoo. 

“It’s a Dog’s Life” looks like it will be ideal for dog lovers of all ages, especially those with a soft spot for Disney. This feel-good series will be hosted by Disney legend Bill Farmer who has been the voice of Disney’s most famous dogs, Goofy and Pluto, for more than 30 years! Promotional materials indicate that viewers might even be treated to guest appearances from these famous Disney dogs. The show is scheduled to premiere on May 15th. After the first episode, a new episode will be available for streaming on Disney Plus every Friday for the following ten weeks showcasing amazing working dogs from across the country. 

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