Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs

Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs
Cover Dog Contest: The Top 10 Runner Up Dogs
Meet the cuties that got the most votes in our contest!


Australian Shepherd, Baltimore, MD  Keller is a double merle Australian Shepherd. She is deaf and vision impaired, but as her owner Amanda Fuller says, “she will steal your heart in a minute!” Keller’s disabilities are due to irresponsible breeding, so Amanda has set out to spread awareness (check out “She proves to me every day that life is worth living.”


Welsh Pembroke Corgi, Graham, WA  Logan has had epilepsy since he was one year old. But since neither Logan nor his person Linda Urbaniak is one to give up, he goes to hydrotherapy three times a week for weight loss (his medicine causes weight gain) and to build muscle. “He truly is a gift and loves everyone and everything he meets,” says Linda.


Minature Dachshund, Coventry, RI  “Sam doesn't have a heartbreak story,” MiaRose Iannotti shares. “He isn't a rescue dog; he has never been abused; he has never been without shelter, food or water. But what Sam is, is an amazingly kindhearted, friendly, happy, well-rounded canine who makes a lot of people smile. He is helping raise money for rescue dogs ( because we believe that the fortunate should help the less fortunate.”


Miniature Dachshund, Corpus Christi, TX  Priscilla Andrews entered her puppy, little Lucy Herrman, in her first wiener dog race when Lucy was just five months old; Lucy took first prize. Now all grown up, Lucy is currently in training to compete in a national race, as well as working hard to become a therapy dog. In her downtime, this cutie enjoys napping and chasing bugs.


Papillon, Newport, VT  Blind from birth, Joy’s future was bleak—until Paphaven Rescue stepped in and provided Joy with life-changing surgery that restored her vision. Then Becky Erdman adopted her and Joy’s life was officially transformed. Joy’s desire, reports Becky, is to become a “spokesdog” and educate people about the need to foster and adopt, as well close puppy mills and the dog auctions that feed them. Amen!


Australian Cattle Dog, Salinas, CA  Titan is an Australian Cattle Dog and “my joy and my world,” reports Amy Orozco. He loves to be sprayed by the hose, cuddle, and give big, wet smooches. His favourite pastime is smiling.


Dachshund, Ottawa, ON  Rusty is a rescued Dachshund, saved from death row and now training to become a therapy dog. Together Rusty and Terry P. are advocates for helping Canadian Northern dogs. They also donate handmade coats Terry makes to rescues across Canada and the US. “I think it is important to give a voice to the voiceless,” Terry says. “Be kind to others and pay it forward.”


Pit Bull "Pibble proud!", New Smyrna Beach, FL  At three months of age, Starbuck was thrown out of a car and lost her leg. Luckily, she was rescued and nursed back to health. “When the rescue introduced us,” Allison Phillips says, “It was love at first sight! She's changed my outlook on life—and Pitties!—and now Starbuck is on a mission to raise awareness for disabled pets, abuse, and BSL.”


Jack Russell Terrier, Silver Springs, FL  Sam is a very talented Jack Russell Terrier. She loves performing tricks such as painting, balancing on top of a yoga ball, riding a suitcase, playing basketball, jump roping, and blowing bubbles underwater. With over 350 tricks and cues, Sam can do it all! “She enjoys making people smile with her cute little charm and funny antics,” says her devoted partner, Terri Brown.


Chihuahua, Black Forest, CO  Teddy spent seven long years living in a cage in a puppy mill before he was adopted into a wonderful home. He is now a “spokesdog” against puppy mills and a big supporter of National Mill Dog Rescue. Alongside his person, Michele Burchfield, Teddy spends much of his time raising money to rescue, save, and care for mill dogs. Check out their efforts at


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