Best Gifts For Dogs: Home

The Roomba Combo j9+
Best Gifts For Dogs: Home



LG CordZero™ All-in-One Tower™: This cordless stick vacuum comes with a Pet Nozzle designed especially for fur. Plus, the All-in-One Tower™ charges two rechargeable batteries, stores tools, and auto-empties the dust bin after every use.


Create a memory you can hug! Simply upload a photo of your pet’s paw and nose. Transform cherished memories into a cozy keepsake that warms your heart. Save 15% with code


Unleash a World of Elegance for your Dog. This exquisite runway-inspired dog bed is designed with luxury, comfort and sophistication in mind. A soothing retreat for your furry friend.


Pet accidents stink, but your home doesn’t have to! That’s why Chem-Dry developed P.U.R.T.®. It’s tested & proven to remove pet urine odors! Forgot to let the dog out? Call Chem-Dry!


Unique pet portraits designed by real artists! Free previews and unlimited edits with every order. The perfect gift for a loved one or to remember a beloved pet.

The Roomba Combo j9+ tackles big pet messes with powerful vacuuming and deep scrub mopping! Featuring iRobot OS intelligence, it even avoids hazards like water bowls, pet toys, and solid pet waste.

Whether it’s your car, couch, or carpet, Fur-Zoff’s patented recycled material will quickly remove pet hair from the fabrics of your life! Works for all types of pet hair.


Spoil your dog and yourself with an orthopaedic leather dog bed from Le Dog Company. Specifically designed to be supportive, easy to clean, and look great in your home.


The DogSpace Charlie dog gate allows dogs to feel secure in a confined space. With a dog gate, you can easily create a territory your puppy can retreat to– while also keeping valuables protected from puppy teeth.

Your answer to pet odors is here! QAIS-air-04 is a filterless air purifier designed for pet odors. Don’t let your home’s pet smells be the first thing your guests notice.

The Stinky Pet Co’s new line of luxury lifestyle products was carefully curated to bring a refreshing and calming balance to you, your pet, and the places you spend most of your time.


The Simplicity S65 Standard Stick Vacuum is perfect for pet homes! This lightweight and versatile vac reduces pet fur, dust, and allergens, while making cleaning fun and super easy.


The City Loo is a custom-crafted dog potty solution made for urban living. Designed to be a mess- and stress-free potty solution for pets when they can’t get outside; it’s discreet, sanitary, and safe. Fits pee pads or grass inserts.


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