8 Interesting Dog Facts

8 Interesting Dog Facts
Social gathering? Try these dog facts to get the conversation flowing!


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Poop Preference

Dogs do their business in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field, a study published in the journal Frontiers in Zoology revealed. In a free-roaming environment without directional variables, dogs preferred to “excrete with the body being aligned with the north-south axis.”

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Blue Bloods

Chow Chows are known for their ink-blue tongues. However, the unique breed is initially born with a pink tongue, and the blue pigment develops as their eyes open.

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A Bull Terrier’s Enduring Legacy

Patsy Ann, an English Bull Terrier, was dubbed the “Official Greeter of Juneau, Alaska.” Though Patsy Ann was born deaf, she had a knack for “hearing” ship whistles before they were visible to the human eye. From 1929-1942 she would wait on the correct dock and welcome ships as they pulled in. 50 years after her death, her statue was commissioned by the Friends of Patsy Ann and installed on the wharf she knew so well, where she continues to greet locals and visitors alike.

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An Ancient Beauty with Fleet Feet

Though a slower sprinter than the Greyhound, the Saluki is faster over longer distances, running upwards of 35 mph. It is one of the oldest dog breeds. Remains of this ancient sighthound have been found in Egyptian tombs, and depictions of a slender dog with feathered ears, tails, and legs have been discovered on Middle Eastern artifacts dating back more than 5,000 years. Though delicate looking, these dogs can go the distance. They hunted with their nomadic owners, Arab tribesman who applied nut oil to harden and protect their dogs’ feet against harsh terrain.

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Your Empathetic Dog

Have you ever caught a yawn from someone else? You’re not alone. Psychologist Ramiro Joly-Mascheroni from the University of London demonstrated that the sight and sound of human yawns are also contagious to domesticated dogs. This is thought to be indicative of dogs’ capacity for empathy towards humans.

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This Breed Takes the Plunge

As their name suggests, Otterhounds were bred for hunting otters across water and land. Not a breed to shy away from a plunge, Otterhounds drink from the bottom of their water bowls, submerging their whole head (and making a huge mess!).

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There’s a Dog in our Midst!

The Komondor’s unique coat isn’t just a chic style choice—it’s camouflage! Unsuspecting wolves would target a flock of sheep, only to find a fierce, woolly Komondor hidden in their midst.

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Want Her Number? Get a Dog

Turns out having a pet does make you more attractive. A study undertaken by Nicolas Gueguen, a psychology professor at the University of Bretagne-Sud, and his colleague Serge Ciccotti revealed that women were three times as likely to give their number to a man if he had a dog with him.

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