7 Dogs Who Haven't Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek
7 Dogs Who Haven't Mastered The Art Of Hide And Seek
These dogs need some tips on how to hide



Dogs have many talents: chasing their own tails, playing fetch, chewing shoes, cheering us up when we need it most, and being generally adorable. But one lesson they seemed to have skipped was how to play hide and seek. Here are seven pups who are terrible at hiding, but terrific at being the cutest. 


Despite his look of accomplishment, Bubba has failed to hide. Perhaps under the bench might have been a better hiding spot? Better luck next time, little guy. 

Hide and seek

Bubba, submitted by Nicola Farnhill.


Choochie looks so proud we almost can't bear to break it to him. But, dearest Choochie, unfortunately closing your eyes is not a sufficient way to hide (but we'll forgive you). 

Hide and seek

Choochie, submitted by Dulce Rios.


Harley was clearly given the same hiding advice that Choochie received: if I can't see you then you can't see me (who's going to burst his bubble? Not us!)

Hide and Seek

Harley, as submitted by Bryn. 


Jingle really wanted you to find her, so she took matters into her own hands. 

Hide and Seek

Jingle, submitted by Tracy and Chris Ratliff. 


Meeko almost nailed it this time! If only he'd burrowed a little deeper into that pile of leaves. 

hide and seek

Meeko, submitted by Lissi Eriksen. 


Talou seems to be confused about whose turn it is to hide. This could take a while...

Hide and seek

Talou, submitted by Allison Hoffman.


Toshii waited patiently in that flower pot for you to find her, then forgot what game she was playing, and decided to hang out looking adorable instead. I think we'll happily settle with the end result. 

Hide and seek

Toshii, submitted by Georgina Learmonth.


Dogs: failing at hide and seek, winning at stealing our hearts. 

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