DIY Craft - 5 Minute Valentine

DIY Craft - 5 Minute Valentine


Ever had one of those Valentine’s Day when you’ve completely forgotten to organize anything? Yep, me too. So to save you tears on February 14th, here is my favourite quick fix that doesn’t involve flowers from the service station—the FIVE MINUTE VALENTINE! Grab your favourite fourlegged friend and lets get started!







•    1 large sheet red (or pink!)
•    1 ruler
•    1 pencil or white marker
•    A pair of scissors or X-Acto
•    1 round cake tin or other
round object approximately the
size of your dog’s head 



Handy Prepping Tips

• If you don’t have a cake tin, use a vase or similar circular object. Try to get something close to your dog’s head size.
• When cutting out the heart, feel free to cut slightly rounded lines to make a more organic heart shape.
• If you don’t have an X-Acto knife, gently fold the heart to cut the cross in the centre with scissors.


1. Trace two circles using the cake tin to make the top of the heart.
2. Rule two lines to complete heart shape.
3. Cut out the heart using scissors or an X-Acto knife
4. Cut a cross in the centre of the heart shape.
5. Slip safely over your dog’s head. Ensure it causes no discomfort to your dog.

Creative Ways to Use Your 5 Minute Doggie Valentine

•    Use your photo to create a personalized e-card, or better yet print it out and make your own real card.
•    Take a photo of your pooch with your phone and send a surprise Doggie Valentine text!
•    Forgo the photos and cards and simply have your dog greet your main squeeze, friends, and/or family
wearing his face-framing paper heart. What could be cuter than a living, breathing, wagging, smiling real life 
doggie valentine?

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