One Million Pit Bulls to March on the Capitol Lawn

Breed Specific Legislation
One Million Pit Bulls to March on the Capitol Lawn
Up with “pibbles,” down with Breed Specific Legislation!


NBC’s Last Comic Standing finalist Rebecca Corry lives a life of comedy. She’s performed a critically acclaimed one woman show, released a comedy album, and has appeared on shows like Yes, Dear, The King of Queens, and Rules of Engagement. But the cause nearest to Rebecca’s heart is not funny. She is the founder of Stand Up For Pits Foundation, which raises money to save and educate people about Pit Bulls (aka “pibbles”), Rottweilers, and shepherds. Through a live comedy show with performers such as Kaley Cuoco and Whitney Cummings, they have raised thousands of dollars to support non-profit organizations that educate the public about the abuse and discrimination Pit Bulls face.

Now, Corry has taken her fight for justice straight to the U.S. capital by organizing the first ever One Million PIBBLE March on the Capitol Lawn in Washington, DC, taking place May 3, 2014, in an effort to end Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) and abuse such as dog fighting. Dog fighting is sadly as prevalent than ever and even President Obama has spoken about the ineffectiveness of the discriminatory BSL laws. By bringing attention to abuse and outdated legislation, and through her efforts to change the laws, Rebecca hopes to create safe and humane communities for humans and animals. “People have the power to move mountains,” says Corry. “They just need to realize then do something. People need to take matters into their own hands (within the law)…if we want safer and more humane communities, its up to us to do something about it.”

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