Meet Winston

He loves to sit up like a human in a chair with his paws over his nose for attention, looking cute! He somehow learned this to get attention over his brother and sister we own. He is smart, fools the other two by barking at nothing in the yard to get their spots when they move to run to the window. Winston is a loving, fun, and entertaining little guy. The worst, he loves to roll in anything smelly, then brag about it by sharing the odor he is so proud of finding.

Facts About Me
  • Age Four Years Old
  • Nicknames Winnie; WinniePoo; Boy!-(when he is bad)
  • Dislikes Going out in the rain; Medicine for tummy; BATHS.
  • Foods French fries; Chewies; Bananas; Green Beans.
  • Pastimes Bothering his brother; Chewing on toys; TV
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  • How adorable!
  • Love!
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