Black Russian Terrier

Meet Villie

Villie was only 4 months old in this picture and a recent addition to our family. Now, at 8 months old and 110 lbs, he’s a sweet big ole teddy bear. We have nicknamed him, “5 Finger Villie “ because he steals everything. Nail files, socks, napkins, shirts, books, even a raw onion! Thankfully he doesn’t destroy his loot. He’s a super smart, quick and stealthy master thief!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 months
  • Nicknames 5 Finger Villie
  • Dislikes Not being very involved in everything we do, even kissing. Haha
  • Foods Bananas
  • Pastimes Watching animal planet, pulling our Chow chows tail, watching the park across the street
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