English Bulldog

Meet Tubs

My name is Tubs but you can call me Tubbies for "short". I have a lot of names & I come to all of them. My favorite nickname is "crazy" because even tho I'm a Bulldog I have a tendency to go berzerk at any random moment & run in circles all over the house. Then when I'm done I enjoy a nice long scratch on my back or belly until I fall asleep. It's amazing what I can get humans to do for me just by looking at them. It's a gift. I am also not afraid to take over the pillow you are currently using.

Facts About Me
  • Age 5.5
  • Nicknames Tubbies, Crazy, Tubby Girl, Tubby, Monkey
  • Dislikes Brooms, tv trays, anything that makes a crinkling sound & human sneezes...man they're scary! And baths...YUCK...who needs 'em?
  • Foods Peanut Butter!! Anything made from a tree, grass of any kind & California Naturals Lamb & Rice food & treats.
  • Pastimes Sunbathing, & having my back & belly rubbed until I fall asleep
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