Meet Teddy

This playful pup just wrapped up his 3rd birthday on July 14 and would sure love to become a "cover dog"!! Teddy is SUPER HYPER!! He's also really friendly! He goes up to dogs who are 18x his size and automatically becomes friends with them! He loves to please people so he's really well behaved and he does so many tricksto!! He can even "Go" on command! So please, if ya love him or even think he's a little bit cute, you know who to vote for!VOTE FOR TEDDY!! THE RIGHT CHOICE!! YA GOTTA LOVE HIM!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 3
  • Nicknames Ted, Ted-Bear Cutie-Bear
  • Dislikes Perfume, thunder storms, and being alone for more than 1 day
  • Foods Steak, hot dogs, sausage, and bacon
  • Pastimes Playing, barking his head off, and doing tricks
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  • How adorable!
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