Meet Phineas

Phineas is a happy and bubbly little furry male who loves to chew bones and sleep and eat grass and run outside....he loves going for long walks and playing with other dogs, and he loves loves playing with all of his toys, especially his piggies and of course his Lambchop!!! Phineas will be a big boy 3 years old on August 7th 2016.....and he will get a cake!!!!

Facts About Me
  • Age Will be 3 on August 7th
  • Nicknames Mr. Phin or Mr. Mr. or Babyhead
  • Dislikes He dislikes his mommy leaving him but he always has his Lovely Auntie Laurie looking after him when Mommy is not home!!!!
  • Foods He loves most everything except for cucumbers and lettuce ......
  • Pastimes Playing with toys, naps, going for walks and car car rides etc....
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