Oli aka Chunky

Basset Hound/Pit Bull

Meet Oli aka Chunky

Oli knows he is not allowed on the bed, but he gives you this look and then rolls over on his belly and wags his tail and you just can't help but smile and laugh. When he hears that, he knows he is in the clear and flips over and before you know it his tongue has covered your face in a think layer of slobber. Oli was a "junkyard" dog tied up outside his entire life. Now he sleeps under the covers-even though he knows he shouldn't, rides in my truck with the window rolled down with lips and ears flapping and even wears a lifejacket when he comes swimming. (His leags are sooooo short-that's the Basset Hound-he cannot keep his 65 lb body-the Pit Bull-a float. :-) Oli has the personality of a human being. He grunts, moans, whines at all the right times. He also has what we call "little-man syndrome." He always needs to be on a chair or table or anything that will get him to be taller than he really is and in your face. Oli has the the life every dog dreams of having. He is my Chunky Monkey.

Facts About Me
  • Age 3 1/2
  • Nicknames Oliver, Chunky Monkey
  • Dislikes When he can't run as fast as other dogs
  • Foods Anything but his regular dog food.
  • Pastimes Sleeping, Swimming
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