Cane Corso

Meet Murphy

Murphy Lee is a 9 month old pure bred blue cane corso. He weighs around 120lbs and has a perfect set of pink moist floppy jowls. He's a big bunny, curious about the big world. Murphy is the male K9 Beyoncé.

Facts About Me
  • Age 9 months
  • Nicknames Murph, Bagheera, guido juicehead gorilla, big poppa
  • Dislikes Brooms, mops, chop saws, my neighbor, tweekers, vacuums, snapping fingers, when people hug or wrestle
  • Foods Meat, ice cream, cheese, fan leaves, eggs, animal crackers
  • Pastimes First time he jumped on a bed, first ice cream, hiking in Cali, committing felonies at jersey shore
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