west highland terrior, lhasa apso, and miniture poodle

Meet mazybellekeegan

mazy was born september 22,2009 and we got her november 21,2009 and she is a dog that is undescribable. like my mom says ''you pay for your raisan'', mazy is a west highland terrior. belle is 12 years old and is soooo sweet. she is a type of dog that sleeps all day and eats and finally keegan the poodle was rescued.. and loves living with us.

Facts About Me
  • Age almost1, 12 and 2
  • Nicknames maz maz, belle belle, and keeg keeg
  • Dislikes mazy-getting her squeekie toys taken away...belle- mazy trying to play with her...keegan- brooms..,dont know why:(:(:(
  • Foods chicken, beef and everything else...keegan-french fries
  • Pastimes everyday
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