Miniature Dachshund

Meet Kovu

Kovu is an aspiring dog model :) His goal is to make the cover of a magazine one day. Kovu loves all of his instagram friends and followers. His name on instagram, @prince_kovu, really describes Kovu in a short quick way. Kovu has major attitude and thinks hes all that and then some. Kovu has one of the funniest personalities I have ever encountered and love him more and more every day. Kovu hopes you check out his instagram and vote for him every day! :)

Facts About Me
  • Age 4 1/2
  • Nicknames The Prince, Prince Kovu, Koko, Pumpkin Butt, Little Man, Little Dude, Cutie Patutie, and Baby Boy.
  • Dislikes Rain, being woken up or moved while sleeping, being left home, and being chased by big dogs.
  • Foods Taste of the Wild dry dog food, and Mini Zukes Naturals.
  • Pastimes Bugging his mother lol, sleeping, chewing and squeaking on his millions of toys, eating, and hiding his dog treats.
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