Keeshond/Collie mix

Meet Keesha

Keesha was my beautiful Keeshond/Collie mix girl! She is now at Rainbow Bridge, but she lived a full and happy live. She is 14 years old in this picture! Pictured here, she is taking a sweet nap. I always thought she looked young even in her advanced year. She was very inquisitive and smart, and seemed to understand what was going on around her - more so than any dog I have ever had. I miss her a great deal, but she is in my heart and always will be remembered with much love.

Facts About Me
  • Age 14 years in this photo.
  • Nicknames Coogie (after 'Cujo' the movie because she got red pain all over her once when she stuck her head through a freshly painted fence).
  • Dislikes Baths, rain storms.
  • Foods Cheese, dog treats, peanut butter, and her special dog food.
  • Pastimes Sleeping in little nooks and corners, playing with her 'brother' Hunter, going camping and people watching!
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