Golden Retriever

Meet Hunter

This is a 'vintage' picture (1989) of my Rainbow Bridge Golden Retriever Hunter. He lived to wonderful old age of 13 years. Here in this photo, he was about this have his first bath! He was so cute having his first bath and he continued to love baths all his life! I miss him very much, but he will always live on in my heart.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 weeks (in photo)
  • Nicknames Ter-Ter, Stinky Dog (although he did not smell - he was always well groomed! :-) )
  • Dislikes Being left out of anything; alway wanted to be with you!
  • Foods Carrots, cheese, dog treats, special dog cookies and peanut butter
  • Pastimes Playing with his toys, swimming, having a bath, getting brushed, cuddling, howling to music, being with people and her 'sister' Keesha.
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