Mini American Red Nose Pitbull Terrier

Meet Henny

Henny is probably one of the most unique dogs I’ve ever seen in my life, in fact I’ve never seen any other dog that even looks like her. Henny was born three years ago and weighs less than twenty pounds today. She is a very energetic, charismatic, loving and friendly mini pit bull. Henny has a lot of fans and people always stop to ask what kind of dog she is. Henny has never acted out or been aggressive to other dogs or people. Contrary to the misconception about pit bulls, she is very friendly and playful when she meets other dogs no matter how big or small they are. Everyone falls in love with henny she's a show stopper!

Facts About Me
  • Age Born May 2008, 3 years old
  • Nicknames Hen-pen, Hen, Golden Hen, Honey
  • Dislikes Walking in snow or rain, she hates the cold!
  • Foods Anything edible, altho she loves her organic dog food & healthy treats!
  • Pastimes Snugling or going for a run or swim
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