Meet Fritz

All Fritz has been barking about lately is his new, shiny collar and his need to show it off, so we thought we'd give him yet another Christmas gift and send this in. Though only eight months old, Fritz is taking to the camera like a 3-4 year old veteran, striking pose after glorious pose, stopping only for a make-up freshening or quick sip of Chardonnay before barking orders around the set and demanding work be resumed. His newest look, revealed here, is what he calls, "Woofery Maximus." After asking Fritz where the look came from, he explained, "Woof." Indeed. Dark, mysterious, carniverous, but gentle. Precisely. Fritz's essence captured in one fleeting moment.

Facts About Me
  • Age 8 Months
  • Nicknames Fritz
  • Dislikes Racism, War, Scandinavia
  • Foods Chilean Sea Bass
  • Pastimes Sewing, the Tango
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