Black Lab X Pitbull

Meet Diesel

Diesel is my 6 month old Black Lab Pitbull he is extremly friendly and loves people. I got him at 2 months old and before that 5 different homes kept throwing him to home to home so he never really had a home this is his first real home. Me and my Fiance Paul are so glad to have him his the best dog we could ever ask for. Hes very playful and loves his stuffed toy (husky) and his stuffed bird his favorite treat are his PIGSEAR. Hes just a Big Dream That Came True.

Facts About Me
  • Age 6 months old
  • Nicknames Deez, Weasel, Boogerbum, Turkey (your such a turkey)
  • Dislikes whatever he sences is not right he will let us know he will let us know wich are the good people and what are the bad
  • Foods Ol' Roy
  • Pastimes Chase
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