Terrier Poodle Mix

Meet Casey

Casey walked into my life when he was 1-1/2 years old. He adopted me. When I walked into the shelter, he alone walked towards me and showered me with kisses. He came into my life when I was quite ill and was instrumental in my recovery. Casey and I have developed such a strong connection over the years that there came a point where it seemed we both knew what the other was thinking and needed. He is a gentle, sweet boy & the definition of pure, unconditional love, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Facts About Me
  • Age 15
  • Nicknames My Baby Boy, My Little Man, Caysillo (pronounced "Kay seeh yoh")
  • Dislikes He doesn't like it when Charlie (our other dog) gets overly excited and starts barking incessantly
  • Foods Carrots, apples, bananas,
  • Pastimes Sleeping or laying right up against me; he loves it when I whisper lovingly into his ear and stroke his hat; he loves going for car rides and walks
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