Meet Buffy,Jak,Angel

Angel (White Boxer)-Loves- Taking Baths, Going for car rides, Eating, Sleeping in mom's bed, taking up the entire couch, playing with his best friends Jak, and Buffy. Hates- Vegies, being stuck in his house, cold weather, getting in trouble. Fave food- Almost Everything! Buffy (Brindle and White Boxer)- Loves- Playing "tag" with her friends, going to dog shows, getting really muddy and putting dirty foot prints everywhere, meeting new people, never sitting still, cuddling with mom, yougurt, Hates- Baths, Car rides, Carrots, the cold, Fave food- Spaggetti, Tuna, MEAT! Jak (Black and cream aussie)- Loves- His friends Angel and Buffy, sleeping, eating, going for really long runs, swimming, getting muddy, exploring, car rides, snow. Hates- Strangers, loud noises, baths, Fave food- Everything!

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