Chihuahua cross

Meet Buddy

Here’s what the human people know about my story… it’s a crooked tale, that’s for sure, because there are mysteries that I’m not allowed to share! What I can tell you, is that I have a crooked tail that supposedly has 8 breaks in it. All my current owners know about my history is that my previous owner went to the animal shelter looking for a big dog – but I chose him instead! I live with the Momma C - Chelsea - and I’m a book character in The Dog with the Crooked Tail

Facts About Me
  • Age Unknown - around 10
  • Nicknames Budgie, Winnie the Pooh Pooh, Disney dog, Buddy boy - and more!
  • Dislikes Likes just about everything!
  • Foods Everything - especially carrots and beef jerky
  • Pastimes Snarfing around in the garden looking for snacks; hiking; helping to bake and eat cookies
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