Dachshund/ Jack Russell Terrier

Meet Breena

I'm the most amazing Jack Russel Terrier/ Dachshund mix you may ever meet! Do you see my teeth poking out from my lip? I have the cutest under-bite! I am constantly on the go, and I love everybody and everything! My favorite thing to do is play play play! No matter who or what you are, I would love to run around with you. Do you have a flashlight or laser light? because I LOVE chasing them! It's my favorite game! There was however this one time when I tried to play a little to rough with a vole, and that didn't turn out so swell... I am such a smart girl! I know the commands: "Sit", "off", "lay down", "drop it", "back", "go inside", and I also come when I am called (most of the time), and am great at sticking around when I am off leash! I am learning how to run with the bike, and when my mom yells "right" I try my best to stay on the right side of the bike so I don't get run over!! I must warn you tho... just because I know what you want me to do, doesn't mean I will always listen:P I can be a little stubborn at times, because I sure know how to run, and I know you won't be able to catch me... and these big brown puppy eyes come in handy! I try my best to always please my humans! Do you have a runny nose?? Cuz I would love to lick those boogies right out of there... What about a cat?? I will clean out the litter box for you! Those nuggets they leave in there are always so tasty!! My mom always gets mad at me and says its poo, but I don't believe her. How can poo be so tasty!?

Facts About Me
  • Age 2
  • Nicknames BreenaButt, Booger, Boogs
  • Dislikes rain, water, and being cold
  • Foods She will eat whatever you give her. Even if she doesn't like it she will play with it until it is gone.
  • Pastimes I love going on hikes and walks with my mom and our friends!
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