English Bulldog

Meet Beefy

Beefy's personality is so unique, for being a "lazy" dog, he is so happy and active! He hasn't had any health issues (crossing our fingers!) and is so loyal! He doesn't leave my side if I'm not feeling well. He is definitely my baby!

Facts About Me
  • Age 4
  • Nicknames Beef, Beef-stick, Fatty
  • Dislikes Tall lamps, vacuum cleaners, trash bags
  • Foods He doesn't get table food very often, but when he does, his favorite would be roast beef.....ironic!!
  • Pastimes Beefy loves to go camping, even though he gets totally pooped out. He never misses a beat, rides in the canoe with us, goes swimming (sort of)..just runs through water, and chases sparks from the fire for hours on end! Definitely, Camping is his favorite.
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