(Baba O') RIley

Bernese Mountain Dog

Meet (Baba O') RIley

I am the most spoiled pup in the world and also the luckiest and most loved too. I am one of the tallest Berners of all those I have met and I weigh 100 pounds because Mom and Dad keep me in top shape with all the running ont he beach and swimming we do. Mom and Dad think I have a sparkling personality and I always make them laugh- like when I am in the car and we go by trees with leaves wicked close to the car, I try and catch as many leaves as I can in my mouth. Another funny thing I do in the car is when its raining and Dad lets my window down I try and catch raindrops on my tongue. If they don't put my window down when I want, all I have to do is rest my head on their shoulders and they know that means I want the window down. I love everybody and all I ever want to do is play. Another favorite thing I like to do is walk through people's legs when I am excited and that;s also how I get people to scratch my butt which is my favorite thing in the world.

Facts About Me
  • Age 15 months
  • Nicknames Rileykins, Boogey-Bum, The Baby, Ri-Ri, Rice-Face, Rice-Cake
  • Dislikes My training collar, when I don't get some of Momma's food, when Mom and Dad leave me home when they go to work, baths, pretzels
  • Foods VANILLA ICE CREAM!! parmesan cheese and well any cheese really...toast, eggs, steak
  • Pastimes eating, sleeping, farting, swimming, hanging with Mom and Dad, digging holes
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