Addie May

Lab Mix

Meet Addie May

Addie is a rescued, 5 year old Lab mix. She is task-trained as my medical alert/response Service Dog and assists with my chronic illnesses. She is my independence. I rely on her to keep me safe. Thanks to her, my illnesses no longer have complete control over my life. Addie has been an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) for the past three years and just recently earned the title of AKC Community Canine (CGCA). Don't let that fool you, though..she's a total diva and full of sass!!

Facts About Me
  • Age 5 years
  • Nicknames Nugget, Addison, Mutt Nugget, Bubba, Fat Dog, Bubbs, Addie Mutt, Chubbs, Stinker, BooBoo
  • Dislikes Flying on airplanes, Walmart, fake service dogs in Walmart, pets in Walmart, being attacked by fake service dogs and pets in Walmart, fake service dogs in general, vacuum cleaner, the vet, ESAs in stores, air compressor
  • Foods Freeze dried liver and chicken treats are like crack to her.
  • Pastimes Squirrel chasing, being sassy, stealing toys from Pomeranian brother, playing withBFFs Reisling, Blue & Willow, being a brat , laying on small dog's beds even though she has four, stealing your spot on the couch
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