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This is Oakley! Though I only became his mom a few months ago, I already find it hard to imagine the absence of his playful spirit in my every day. Oakley is fiercely protective, and stubborn! He is terrifyingly fearless, and has stopped his mom's heart a few times with his direct and confident approaching of pit bulls and boxers. He acts like an untrained puppy sometimes, but he makes up for his mischief by providing excessive--and borderline smothering!--affection and snuggles. ♥

Facts About Me
  • Age A little over 365 days and counting
  • Nicknames "Oakie" or "OAKIE!OAKIE!OAKIE!" depending upon the level of "excited spaz" one desires to achieve
  • Dislikes Manicures, stranger dangers, door-knockers, when the cat bullies me and blocks me from going upstairs to snuggle with mom by just SITTING there at the top of the stairs
  • Foods TREATS. Just treats. Most all of them. Except the green ones. Though sometimes those, too.
  • Pastimes Snuggling with mom and napping, chewing rawhides, chewing anything, biting my nails, chasing the cat, sneaking bites of the cat's food when mom's not looking, chewing up the cat's toys when mom and the cat aren't looking
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