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Top 9 Dog Park Alternatives

Nine alternate, healthy ways of exercising your dog safely while still having tons of fun

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Dog parks hold the potential for rowdy dogs, injury, and repetitious play that can lead to chronic mobility problems. Exercise and bond with your dog without the risks that a dog park visit can engender. Here are nine alternate, healthy ways of exercising your dog safely while still having tons of fun…

  1. Do your best to get your dog out twice a day. Take your dog out rain or shine to ensure regular exercise.
  2. Even senior dogs should walk uphill to keep strong.

  3. If you love to go to the park, hide toys for your dog and ask her to look for them.

  4. If your dog loves other dogs, let him play and interact. However, beware of the rowdy and rough dogs that may overwhelm a shy, injured or weaker dog.

  5. Teach your dog to walk on logs, go through tunnels, and weave through your legs.
  6. Moving on rocks and terrain and obstacles is an important way to maintain strength and balance.
  7. Leave your ball chucker at home and hike, walk, and move with your dog as much as you can!

  8. Play hide and seek and chase your dog. Dogs love to be chased, especially when carrying a safe toy.
  9. Hiking and walking on trails is the best form of activity for your dog because it is similar to what they would do in nature.
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