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The Secret Power of Canine Fitness

How to get your dog started on a fitness routine

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Your dog was born to move in all sorts of amazing and dynamic ways. And they make it look so easy! But even dogs need to be strong enough, flexible enough, and mobile enough to avoid injury and stay in motion.

Enter Canine Fitness (sometimes known as “Canine Conditioning,” “K9 Fitness,” or “K9 Conditioning”) which is essentially the creation of a fitness program with tailored healthy exercises for your dog companion. This conditioning routine is not just for canine athletes and dog sports! Truly all dogs benefit from regular fitness being added into their weekly routines for their health and longevity. More than that, strength and endurance training exercises are proven to be not only good for the body but also the brain! Canine fitness not only combats the obvious health issues such as obesity, but it also reduces boredom, anxiety, and stress in your dog. With regular exercise, you can literally slow down the aging process within your dog and keep them healthier and enjoying life for longer.

If you’re looking to get your dog started on a fitness routine, there are a few things you need to do first.

Your very first step should be to talk to your veterinarian before you begin to get an accurate picture of your dog’s current health landscape and fitness level. Once you have the green light from your vet, you can start gradually increasing your dog’s activity level.

Next, when making a fitness plan for your dog, it’s really important to consider the different types of fitness needed to create a complete and balanced fitness plan for your dog. The goal is to focus equally on the five foundations of canine fitness: strength, balance, cardio, flexibility, and mental fitness. This can be really daunting to try and start by yourself. A good place to start when you want to begin incorporating canine fitness into your dog's routine is to sign up for a Canine Fitness class where you can work with a professional in a one-on-one or group setting. These classes are a really great place to solidify the foundations of canine fitness while seeing your dog enjoy the challenges of new exercises and get stronger and healthier every day while having fun with you!

You can also practice how to meet your dog's individual needs at home with FitPaws products which are all designed specifically to gain and maintain the five foundations of canine fitness. FitPaws are truly beneficial for every dog as they have something for every size and age. For young pups, exercise can improve their body awareness, balance, and strength. It also helps burn energy while increasing their focus and attention span. For senior dogs, exercise helps protect muscle mass, keep their joints healthy, and maintain their ability to balance. And products like the popular K9 Fitbone come in every size, from small minis to giant, ensuring every dog has the right fit for their body size and type.

Canine Fitness is a great important step in ensuring your pup stays strong, healthy, and limber even as they age, and ensure that your dog can fully enjoy all the walking, fetching, running and playing you want to do together. This regular exercise not only ensures a longer life with your family member, but a fuller life, more enriched and deeply rewarding at every stage.

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