The Dog Days of Summer

Summery pup
The Dog Days of Summer
These Beautiful Dogs Are Enjoying the Sunniest Season of Them All!


Hit the beach and soak up some sun with these cute summery pups! For more summer puppies, don't forget to check out Modern Dog's Summer 2017 Issue, available soon on stands and online!

Photos submitted by participants in our Modern Dog Photocontest. - ERM


1) Deacon

Handsome Deacon hangs out by the water. - Deacon submitted by Camy


2) Jersey

Jersey enjoys the sun on an awesome road trip. - Jersey submitted by Nicole


3) Edward Longshanks

Edward Longshanks gets his suntanning on by the beach. - Edward Longshanks submitted by Claire V


4) Samford

Samford looks like he's on the album cover for a super summery record! - Samford submitted by Tiffany J


5) Sunny

Sunny the golden lab has the perfect name for the season. - Sunny submitted by Bear T


6) Finn

Handsome Finn enjoys the balmy summer air in the back of his Grandpa's pick-up truck. - Finn submitted by Emily B


7) Satchmo

Satchmo the marvellous mutt takes a moment to cool down from the summer heat in Kailua-Kona in Hawaii. - Satchmo submitted by Regina D


8) Summer and Ace

Summer, a golden retriever, and Ace, a Doberman mix, delightfully take a dip in an aquamarine swimming pool. - Summer and Ace submitted by Jamie


9) The Lab Clan

It looks like the Lab Clan is enjoying a bright, sunny day with all those stylish sunglasses! - the Lab Clan submitted by Kara R


10) Norman

Little Norman hits the beach in some colourful garb. - Norman submitted by Catie


11) Rusty

Surf's up for Rusty the Min Pin! - Rusty submitted by Sophie S


12) Clancy

We'd love to join Clancy on the beach! - Clancy submitted by Tamara C


13) Vera

Summer lovin, had me a blast! - Vera submitted by Shannon B


14) Colt Brandes

Colt Brandes hits the hiking trails! - Submitted by Besmeh B


15) Bonnie

Bonnie the beauty enjoys the dog days of summer. - Submitted by Kyra 


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