Savannah's World of Adventure: Crossing the Andes 
By Thomas W. Turcich; Illustrations by Catherine E. Turcich

Children and adults alike will delight in this picture book based on the incredible true story of Savannah, the first dog to walk around the world. Join her as she and Thomas trek through South America, learning about the world one adventure at a time!



Dog Lessons: Learning the Important Stuff from Our Best Friends 
By Hersch Wilson

“When in doubt, get up and walk your dog.” Hersch Wilson, author of Firefighter Zen, has spent the last decade reflecting on and writing about dogs. His latest, Dog Lessons, is a heartwarming and wise examination of our canine friends and the powerful impact they have on our lives. This insightful meditation on the life-transforming relationship we have with our dogs imparts invaluable lessons in navigating love, loyalty, and grief.



Who's A Good Dog? 
By Jessica Pierce

Bioethicist and author Jessica Pierce has penned a wonderful guide to living life with dogs and improving your bond through respectful and joyful canine-human relationships. Who’s a Good Dog? examines how we can nurture kindness, attentiveness, and empathy when working, living, and training with our dogs.



Tatum Comes Home 
By Tatum Talks with Mica Stone

Tatum, one of social media’s most beloved “talking” dogs, stars in this heartfelt and humorous story. The feel-good adventure follows the charismatic rescue pooch on his journey home after accidentally hitching a ride with a stranger. Hilarious journal entries told in Tatum’s classic voice (“Here’s a few fings I learned on my vacation...beef jerky is delightfoo, hikin is just walkin but for a long time, and if you get into someone’s truck they don’t know where you live also you have to tell them you’re in the truck.”) make this uplifting story extra fun.



Not Just A Dog 
By Laura Thomas

Lost in the Costa Rican jungle, Stella is losing any hope of surviving—until an emaciated, mangy stray dog finds her. Stella, who dislikes dogs, names him Dirty; despite her initial distaste, she finds the devoted dog steps by time and again to save her. But as their commitment to each other grows, so do the challenges. A harrowing and heartwarming story about the magic of dogs, powerful connections, and resilience.


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