AdVet is certainly not your average shampoo or grooming line of products.  We care about the health and wellbeing of your most valued companion. Just like any pet owner, we love our pets and want them to live long and healthy lives.  Finding the right products to meet your pet’s individual health needs, especially hygiene, is not always easy.  Having rescued dogs for the past decade, we understand the importance of good hygiene to your dog’s overall health. That is why AdVet came to life – To create the most effective products and methods to help maintain your pet’s hygiene, because a hygienic pet is a healthy pet.

With an impressive ingredient panel and superb results, the customer reviews are glowing.  Some of those ingredients include tea tree, rosemary, vitamin e, arnica extract, aloe vera and peppermint.  We have spent many years in research and formulation and the results speak for themselves. Formulated by veterinarians & groomers with the best, most trusted, and natural ingredients. AdVet products are gentle enough for any breed, yet so effective for everyday hygienic care.  Our unique complete pet care line is the perfect solution to all of your pet’s hygienic needs.