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Bison Brittle

These novel-protein dog treats are especially great for pups with red meat allergies and are powered up with the health-promoting properties of turmeric, cinnamon, and carob. Your dog is going to love these! more

Bone Broth For Dogs

Easy and economical to make, bone broth is super-healthy, rich in protein, and loved by dogs. Here’s how to make it. more

Cookie Club

Newsflash: cookies are delicious, and dogs love them. more

Introducing the Fraser Valley Grub Formula from KASIKS

Taplow Ventures LTD., is pleased to announce a NEW and NOVEL protein source with the introduction of our canned Fraser Valley Grub Formula. KASIKS canned...more

The Find: Alligator Jerky

Does your dog have allergies or food sensitivities? Treat your dog right! Rayne Rewards S.I.T. Alligator Jerky is not only delicious, it’s a simple ingredient...more

DIY Eat: Peanut Butter Banana Dog Treats

Pups of all ages won’t be able to resist chowing down these yummy treats! more

Jakers Treats

Nom, nom, nom! Can you hear our office dogs chomping on Jakers Treats? No additives, artificial flavours, or preservatives, they surely love their crunchy...more

Himalayan Dog Chew

Looking for a new treat for your dog? Your search ends here with Himalayan Dog Chews. They offer chews for dogs of all sizes that can offer your pup a long-...more

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