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The Dog Bowl That Fights Germs

What do you think are the top 4 grimiest surfaces in your home? (spoiler...you'll be surprised!) Our guess was the toilet (duh!) or possibly under our sofa …...more


Make sure that your dog is healthy and hydrated when you take him with you on your outdoor adventures! On your many hikes and explorations, you can't control the heat, and can't control whether natural water sources will be available to make sure your dog gets a refreshing drink. For these situations, the PaxBowl is a perfect solution! more

Say Goodbye to That Slimy Layer in Your Dog’s Water Bowl!

We’ve found the solution more
Water Rover

Water Rover Portable Water Bowl

Keeping your dog hydrated on-the-go just got easier with the Water Rover. This handy, portable water dish clips onto your belt or waistband for hands-free use...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Blaze