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julius k9

Julius-K9 Training Ball

Julius-K9’s waterproof toys are a great way of getting your pup in the water. When tossed into the water the Show Training ball will float and entice your dog...more
Bugging Out Plush Toys

Bugging Out Plush Toys

These adorable plush toys will wiggle their way right into your heart! P.L.A.Y.'s Bugging Out Plush Toys are perfect for the dog who loves to play, with bright...more
Barkshop Plush Turkey

Barkshop's Plush Turkey

While enjoying some leftover Thanksgiving goodies we came across this adorable plush turkey from Barkshop! Plush and soft, this cute turkey is equipped with a...more
Oki Doggy

Oki Doggy

Is your dog as fashionable as you are? If so, Oki Doggy is perfect for both of you! Crafted with the best designs and patterns, Oki Doggy is a fashion line of...more
Go Dog Go

GoDogGo - Remote Fetch Machine

GoDogGo the Remote Fetch Machine is a great addition to playtime! Safe and fun, this machine allows dogs to play fetch even if you don't have time! Designed to...more
Planet Dog

Planet Dog Launches Toy Line for Notre Dame—Debuts Collegiate Line at Total Pet Expo

Planet Dog Launches Toy Line for Notre Dame—Debuts Collegiate Line at Total Pet Expomore
Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies

Remember the adorable Pound Puppy toys from the 80s? Well, they're back and cuter than ever! Pick the one you want to adopt and rescue, and you will get an...more

Cool toy alert!

MOOTUGS toys are created from recycled rubber inflations - yes, the ones that attached to a real cow's udder! Each tube is washed & then sanitized through...more
Sausage Toy from Skookum Dog

Sausage Toy from Skookum Dog

Couldn't pass on this awesome faux sausage toy from Skookum Dog! It's long and floppy, with one squeaker inside - your dog will love shaking it around and...more


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