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5 Ways To Help Your Dog Feel Like They Belong

Helping new pets feel at home is a bit of an art form, and no one knows that better than Jane Pearson, owner and mastermind behind Janery, a designer pet bed...more

Best Beds

{For the Snuggler} Some dogs love the cozy feeling of being beneath the covers or in a den-like environment—this is the bed for them! The Snuggle Cave Bed...more

New Year's Resolutions as illustrated by dogs

1. Be thankful. #GratitudeIsTheAttitude 2. Catch up on your sleep. 3. Treat yourself. 4. Don't be afraid to redecorate. 5. Make new friends. 6. Get more...more
Sleepy German Shepherd

This German Shepherd Has The Best Sleep Face Ever

Watch this German Shepherd wake from a deep, deep sleep more
Dogs Who Lost the Fight Against Sleep

Video of the Day: Dogs Who Lost the Fight Against Sleep

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Dogs Who Are Too Tired to Function

Dogs Who Are Too Tired to Function

1) "ZzzzZzzzZZz."   2) "I'm too tired to change out of my clothes."   3) Dreaming of bacon.   4) "Ugh... 5 more minutes..."   5) Cuddle buddies...more
Golden Retriever Falling Asleep

Video of the Day: Golden Retriever Falling Asleep

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Dog of the Week!

Meet: Blaze