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Shed Happens.

Shed Happens.

Here’s How to Manage It more
Deshedding Kit

ConairPro Dog's Shed It Deluxe Deshedding Kit

Of course you love your pup, but you don't necessarily love his hair all over your house! Help control your dog's shedding with ConairPRO PET's Shed-It Deluxe Professional Grooming Kit for Large Dogs. No matter how much your dog sheds, the Shed-It Deluxe Kit controls excess shedding, featuring a fur remover, a three-inch de-shedding blade, and three brush attachments. more
Lilly Brush - BFF

Lilly Brush - Be Forever Furless

When you have a pug, you know the true meaning of shedding! Fur everywhere is just an understatement... Lilly Brush is my saviour and helps me win this tough...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Niko