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Jubilee the Siberian Husky Finds Her Happy Ending

Rescue is so important. We love to hear of heartbreaking stories that turn into happy endings! Jubilee the Siberian Husky is one such story and has been making...more

Stray Dog Found Sheltering Kittens To Keep Them Safe and Warm

Who says dogs and cats don’t get on? A sweet stray dog sure wasn’t afraid to help five orphaned and abandoned kittens who were trying to survive the freezing Ontario winter. more
Benji Returns

Benji Returns

A Netflix retelling of the classic family film more
Santa's Dog

The Story Behind Santa's Dogs

When JoAnn’s husband was deployed to Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom, she had a difficult time sleeping in the two-story house they had just moved into prior to her husband’s deployment. So, she decided to adopt a dog to keep her company!more

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