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Socialize Your Puppy With This Bucket List From A Top Trainer

Dogs need to be socialized. That means that dogs need to see the world and handle it with social grace. We need to teach them the skills and habits necessary for participating within our society.more
10 Socialization & Training Games

10 Socialization & Training Games you Should Play with your Puppy

(And Two Things to Never Do!) more
The Beast at the End of the Leash

The Beast at the End of the Leash

Does your leashed dog  go crazy when he encounters  other canines? This is  called “leash reactivity.”  Here’s what to do about it. more
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Embrace the Crate

It can be the best thing for your relationship with your dog more
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The Largest Outdoor Festival For Dogs Is This Weekend!

Come see us at Woofstock!  more

Destructive Chewing

Dogs chew and destroy things for many reasons, but two of the most common factors are boredom and excess energy. more
Puppy Love Dental Chew

Puppy Love Dental Chew

Puppies will love chewing on this milky bone that not only keeps them busy but helps clean their teeth as well.  Puppy Love is an all-natural dental chew...more
German Shepherd Mom Puts Puppy to Bed

Video of the Day: German Shepherd Mom Puts Puppy to Bed

via 1029utube more
Bulldog Puppy vs Water Bottle

Video of the Day: Bulldog Puppy vs Water Bottle

via chubbytired more
French Bulldog Treat Jar

French Bulldog Treat Jar

I love this adorable French Bulldog treat jar from Torre & Tagus. It's a great and fashionable way of keeping all of my pups treats in one place. My...more


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