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Keto Food for dogs

A Keto Dog Food Brings Benefits

Keto-friendly low-carb dog food ideas more

Hiking With Your Dog

Tips and gear to help you make the most of the great outdoors! more
Fetch (GoPro Dog Harness)

Fetch (GoPro Dog Harness)

Have you ever wanted to see the world from a dog's perspective? GoPro, arugably the world's most vesatile camera, can now be safely fastened to your four-...more
Woof app

Woof app

There are plenty of social media sites out there for us, but what about our four-legged friends? Woof is an iOS app specifically for dogs and dog lovers....more
Pug Life Crew Neck Sweater

Pug Life Crew Neck Sweater

With fall just around the corner it's time to start digging out some warmer apparel. Blending punk rock and pugs, this Pug Life sweater from Fat Sandwich...more
For the Love of Fido

Handmade Dog Toys from For the Love of Fido

How many dog toys promise to be durable or indestructable but in a few short hours are reduced to piles of stuffing? These adorable handmade toys fromĀ For the...more
Tux Treat Toy

Tux Treat Toy

My puppy loves to chew everything so I'm always on the lookout for toys that can stand up to his tough little jaws. The Tux Treat Toy from West Paw Design is...more
Knuckle Lights

Knuckle Lights

I brought my puppy home a few months and since then night time trips outside have become part of the routine. Knuckle Lights make walking at night - and...more
The Ugly Line

Introducing the "Ugly Line"

There are plenty of dog toys out there, but when it comes to uniqueness - and ugliness - this line may take the doggy biscuit. Envvy has released these three...more
Modern Dog Fave Find Thundershirt

Thundershirt for Dogs Provides Calming Comfort

The Thundershirt for Dogs helps calm and soothe dogs with anxiety. The Thundershirt is fastened snugly on your little buddy, and the gentle pressure of the...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Kato