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Dog Bone Ornaments

Personalized Dog Bone Ornaments

We all have our favorite ornament that must go on the tree every year. So it only makes sense that our furry family members also get their favorite ornament on...more
Arcadia Home: Dog Ornaments

Arcadia Home: Dog Ornaments

The Holiday Season is upon us! We all love to include our dogs in our holiday festivities with special treats and gifts so why not include our favourite pup in...more
DIY Craft - Breed Silhouette Ornaments

DIY Craft - Breed Silhouette Ornaments

We were so enamoured of these sparkly, 60s-inspired dog-themed decorations that we asked blogger Erika Lindquist of sewdoggystyle.blogspot.com to tell us how to make them. You can use the silhouette of any breed, just grab the glue and an X-Acto knife and get started. Check out her blog for tons more inspired, dog-themed craft projects. more

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