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VitaLife Treats

VitaLife Cheese & Chicken Wraps

VitaLife has released NEW and delicious dog treats in awesome, delicious flavours! These all-natural, oven-baked treats contain fantastic nutrients for your pup including lean protein, fibre, omega-3- fatty acids, and more that is sure to keep your dog healthy as well as satisfy his tastebuds. more
Amber Crown Tick and Flea Repellent Collar

Natural Baltic Amber Pet Collar by Amber Crown

Who says you can't prevent fleas and be stylish at the same time? To repel bugs as trendily as possible, we recommend Amber Crown's all-natural flea and tick repellent collar, made from raw baltic amber. This handmade and gorgeous collar is completely safe for humans and animals, but works awesomely against the ticks and fleas that bug your furry pal! more


Fleas are already bad enough without having to worry about using chemicals on our furry friends! That's why we love FleaHex's Natural Flea Remedy! Made with...more

Complete Natural Nutrition and Buddy’s Kitchen are Sister Companies Dedicated to Maximizing your Pet’s Health and Happiness

In 2005,  Complete Natural Nutrition set out  to provide frustrated pet  parents with treat solutions for their  beloved pets; pets  with specific health ...more


It's important to know what exactly you are feeding your dog. Yappetizers goes the extra mile to ensure that all of their treats are sourced from only the best...more
Urinary Tract Infections

Natural Relief for Your Dog's Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs in dogs: causes, symtoms, and natural prevention.  more
Bark Logic Natural Urine Removal Spray

Bark Logic Natural Urine Removal Spray

At the offices of Modern Dog, we have a little canine friend who has some major problems with incontinence. Suffice it to say, we have tested all sorts of urine-removal products, and Bark Logic's Natural Urine Removal Spray is one of the best. ~LC more

Easy Tips and Tricks to Get Rid of Dog Odor Naturally

Instead of masking pet odor with artificial fragrances or chemical cleaners that can lead to adverse health effects, look towards natural tricks that you can...more
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Chew on This

Elk Antler Chews more


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