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The Dog Bowl That Fights Germs

What do you think are the top 4 grimiest surfaces in your home? ('ll be surprised!) Our guess was the toilet (duh!) or possibly under our sofa …...more

Third-grader Invents Revolutionary Dog Dryer

The result is the ingeniously simple and effective Puff-N-Fluff more

A Nifty Solution to Yellow Spots On Your Lawn

Just place these rocks in your dog’s water dish—it actually works! more

Make Bathtime a Breeze!

Aquapaw to the rescue! more

The Pee Pad That Will Clean Your Dog's Mess For You!

  Everyone loves their little dogs but not the big mess they leave behind, and more pet parents are using puppy pads to provide convenience and flexility...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Pippi