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Happiness Boosters

8 Proven Happiness Boosters

These eight ideas will not only improve your mood but your dog’s as well! more
Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Eureaka! Problem Solving Makes Dogs Happy

Creating “eureka” moments for your dog: A new study shows why you should make your dog work for those treats! more

Dogs Meet Sprinklers

Let these dogs be your hilarious guides to recapturing child-like summer joy! more

The Amazing, Mood-Elevating Properties of PUPPIES!

Just try and not smile… more

Distill Our Hearts: The Making of a New American Classic

Tito Beveridge, founder and CEO of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, on handcrafted artisanal spirits and the necessity of a dog’s company on long, lonely evenings camped out next to your still more

14 Ways To Improve Your Older Dog's Life

It’s important to provide age-appropriate activities to keep them sharp and happy more
Smiling Dogs

Smiling Dogs

Presented by: 1) Bella   2) Chace   3) Hayden   4) Lexi   5) Miss Holly   6) Murphy   7) Otis   8) Prince 9) Weezie 10) Ziva  ...more
Rescued Dogs

Newly rescued dogs show their love

We came across this heartwarming series of photos from The Meta Picture. These photos were taken moments after these dogs were adopted and got in the car to go...more
Felt Puppy Mobile

Felt Puppy Mobile

Why not instill a love for adorable puppies at a very early age? With the Felt Puppy Mobile from Lovelyfriend, it's easy (and super cute). All mobiles are...more

Dog of the Week!

Meet: Abraham