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Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs of 2022

Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs of 2022

Best Halloween costumes that both you and your pooch will love. more
Pineapple Puppy

5 Quick and Easy DIY Dog Costumes

Halloween is here and if you've suddenly realized that your dog is the only pup on the block without a costume, don't worry! Check out these 5 easy DIY costumes to transform your dog for the holiday! more

Look Great and Help Pets in Need this Halloween!

Have you decided what your pet will be wearing this Halloween? If not, you must check out Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique!  The pet costume brand, based in Long Island, NY, offers an extensive line of pet costumes and accessories for dogs (and cats) of all sizes. more
Halloween Safety

Keep your Pets Safe this Halloween

Children and adults may love the spooky traditions of Halloween, but our pets are less likely to appreciate the costumes, masks, and parties associated with Halloween night more

Spooky Pups

It's Halloweeeeeeen! Crisp, autumn days, colourful costumes, glowing jack-o'-lanterns, and buckets of candy... what's not to like? These pups will have to miss out on the candy, but they still are embracing the spookiest day of the year! more

Look What We Found!—Fall 2017

Nifty finds for dogs & the people who love them more
Surviving Halloween

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe On Halloween

Sink your teeth into these scary stats more
What To Do When Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Halloween Candy

Forget ghosts and goblins: food poisoning is the scariest thing dogs encounter during the Halloween holiday. Petplan pet insurance found that pets are 32% more...more
Pet Costumes

Pet Costumes

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly more
Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

Halloween Chocolate and Dogs

A Scary Combination more


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