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Dog Steals False Teeth

Dog Steals False Teeth, Cracks Up The Internet

Toothy Thomas and his stolen set of teeth is the laugh you need today more
Puppy Styled

Puppy Styled

Japanese Dog Grooming—Before and Afters. more
Instagram Dogs

Smile! 5 Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow

Whether you need a simultaneously funny and adorable dog-photo to put a smile on your face or inspiration for a pup-inclusive outing, these Instagram dogs are up to the task! more

Dogs Meet Sprinklers

Let these dogs be your hilarious guides to recapturing child-like summer joy! more

Dogs Who Excel At Napping

For these dogs, catching z's is an art form more

Blow: Dogs VS Fans

*/ Is there anything more comically glorious than a dog’s ears and fur flying in the wind?  more
Sleepy German Shepherd

This German Shepherd Has The Best Sleep Face Ever

Watch this German Shepherd wake from a deep, deep sleep more
Conan and the Really Tall Dashchund

Trying to Make Sense of the Election and a Divided Country?

Let Conan and the Really Tall Dachshund cheer you up! more
Modern Dog Memes!

Modern Dog Memes!

Video of the Day: Six Corgi Puppies Go To University

Video of the Day: Six Corgi Puppies Go To University

via Sucette Baby more


Dog of the Week!

Meet: Sophie